QKL Stores Expands Grocery Retailing Business in China

QKL Stores has completed the successful deployment of Manhattan Associates logistics execution system, Manhattan SCALE:: Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution, at its new 211,000 square foot regional distribution centre (RDC) in Harbin, Heilongjiang.

The successful implementation of Manhattan SCALE has enabled QKL Stores to increase picking options within the facility (by pallet, carton, split case) and introduce accelerated distribution techniques such as cross-docking and flow-through. Simplified Chinese language support also now ensures data integrity within QKL Stores' local workforce.

As a result the business has experienced widespread benefits including enhanced distribution capabilities, improved inventory accuracy, reduced inventory-carrying costs and higher productivity within the DC, while from an overall supply chain technology perspective, QKL has reduced the total cost of system ownership. In addition, the company has also streamlined its transportation operations significantly leveraging the Manhattan SCALE system.

The enhanced quality control, improved data accuracy and operational productivity improvements enabled by the Manhattan SCALE system have all contributed to delivering a fast return on investment for QKL Stores. It has also enabled the company to reach its ultimate goal of streamlining its entire supply chain and ensuring retail shelves are fully stocked to maximise customer satisfaction, whilst simultaneously facilitating the expansion of the business.

Manhattan SCALE, built on industry-standard Microsoft.NET technology, can easily be configured to support a changed operational process flow. Its scalability means QKL Stores can continually increase its operational capability and meet new business requirements without incurring further costs.

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