Trust Releases Three New Speaker Sets

For those wishing to enjoy music, games or films from the computer, a good speaker set is absolutely essential. For the best overall experience, Trust now has three new speaker sets that not only produce top quality sound, but are also a feast for the eyes.

Looking for first-class sound in a compact retro design? Then the QUBIC Speaker Set is for you. The high quality wood used for this set makes the Qubic look timeless. The wooden speaker set produces a warm, high-quality sound, thanks to solid, first-class materials, 2-way speaker technology and a bass reflex design. Because of this, a large subwoofer isn't necessary. The QUBIC delivers a total RMS power of 15 watts and a peak power of 30 watts.

If you're looking for the ultimate sound experience with the computer, then Trust has the Wave 2.1 Speaker Set. This speaker set brings your gaming and music experience up to another level with an RMS output of 45 watts. The big subwoofer ensures a deep, awe-inspiring bass which can be adjusted using the bass control on the back. The Wave speaker set is very easy to control using the wired remote with volume control.

The compact Vortex 2.1 Speaker set gives an attractive appearance to any desktop. This stylish speaker set has a wooden subwoofer which gives you a deep solid bass sound. Using the large volume knob on the front panel you control the sound of the two speakers - with a total output power of 30 watts.

The speaker sets are available shortly.

Presented by Trust.

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