Typemock Launches Solutions Suite for All Aspects of Unit Testing

Typemock has announced the official launch of its complete unit testing solution suite. The suite is comprised of products that enable easy, correct and effective unit testing for any developer writing in .NET, ASP.NET, SharePoint and other selected languages.

Typemock's offering addresses the entire spectrum of unit testing requirements:

Isolator - The foundation tool enables easy unit testing.
Isolator is a unit testing tool that helps developers focus on creating unit tests by abstracting and simulating dependencies from the tested code. It integrates into Visual Studio and TFS, and can change the behaviour of any object methods, static methods, sealed classes or private methods. The product's features include a powerful IDE and Debugging Integration.

Test Lint - Unit test "spell checker"- corrects test code whilst you type.
Test Lint helps developers create professional unit tests by following industry best practices and golden rules. It is a development tool which highlights in the editor window during typing the places where the developer is not following best practice.

TeamMate - Unit testing dashboard enables users to measure the effectiveness of tests TeamMate gives developers immediate constructive feedback on the effectiveness of their tests and displays information on any bugs found. TeamMate will measure time spent on manual testing which enables the management to measure the ROI of unit testing and the implementation speed in an organization. It collects statistics on progress, making it easy to report on successful implementation.

Racer - Unit tests for parallel processing applications.
Typemock Racer locates deadlocks, cutting down the reproduction and debugging time. It also debugs the specific scenario where the deadlock was found, so it can be fixed and quickly thus enabling development to continue.

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