nanonavi Virtual-Care Upgrades to Version 3.03

Nanomatic announces its mobile secure application, nanonavi-VC, has upgraded to version 3.03, which integrates tracking and monitoring service into a customized, comprehensive, and easy to manage solution. nanonavi-VC supports remote configuration and is available on different operating systems, including J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, and Android. Concurrently, nanonavi-VC is now available on web, providing 'Net of Care' in multiple platforms mobile phones, call-centre operations, social networks and web.

nanonavi Virtual-Care can instantly turn web and mobile phone into personal monitoring platform, as well as becoming a personal tracking device. It gives users a breakthrough security functionality to care remotely for person and assets, anywhere in the world. Additionally, nanonavi-VC gives users the ability to locate and monitor small nanofinder devices (GPS trackers) placed with children, elderly, pets or inside valuable assets, like car or boxes with valuables during transit. With high assignability, users can freely allocate a nanofinder between person and/or asset based on actual need, reducing the cost of having a dedicated device for each object.

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