Dundee Set to Get Superfast Broadband

Fibre to the home specialist, Fibrecity Holdings, an i3 Group company, has announced how Dundee residents and small businesses can access superfast 100Mbps services over its fibre optic network.

Work on this massive fibre to the home initiative has now started and Fibrecity Dundee has asked that residents who want to be connected to its fibre optic network apply to do so quickly.

Paul Lennox, project director of Fibrecity Dundee said: "Now that all the planning and negotiations for the build of Fibrecity Dundee are concluded, it is important that residents that want to apply for a free connection do so quickly so that they don't miss out.

"Fibrecity Dundee will introduce more competition to the market. Its open access network will enable consumers to benefit from super fast broadband available through a choice of service providers.

"No longer will people need to worry whether their service provider is misleading them about the broadband speeds that their network can support."

The Fibrecity Dundee network has taken considerable planning to ensure the fast delivery of a superfast fibre to the home network with the minimum of disruption to local residents and businesses.

Will Dawson, convener of Dundee City Council's city development committee welcomed the latest stage of activity by Fibrecity. He said: "This brings Dundee a step closer to becoming the first city in Scotland to have every one of its homes and business premises able to access next generation broadband.

"Dundee is only the second city in the UK to have a Fibrecity network installed. These fibre to the home broadband connections will continue to cement our reputation as one of the top seven global intelligent communities.

"Dundee City Council has been working with the i3 Group to plan this roll out and every council tenant will receive a letter from Fibrecity Holdings when their home is about to be connected."

Once a home has been connected, residents can immediately benefit from the services available over the Fibrecity Open Access Gateway. There are currently two service providers to choose from and both are offering a variety of packages that can be tailored to individual needs.

Broadband upload and download speeds range from a minimum of 25Mbps to 100Mbps with boost of up to 1Gbps. These services are exclusive to the Fibrecity network and are being offered by Velocity1 and Fibreband with more providers in negotiations to come on board.

The i3 Group recently announced Fibrecity networks are being considered for Aberdeen and Inverness. Elsewhere in the UK, a Fibrecity network is being built in Bournemouth with a further thirteen being planned or under consideration. The i3 Group is committed to connecting at least one million homes in the UK over the next four years.

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