Fujitsu to Support i3 Group

Fibre optic infrastructure specialist i3 Group has signed a multi-million pound contract that will see Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd support the company with the delivery of its Fibrecity network, the UK's largest ever fibre to the home (FTTH) initiative.

Under the agreement, Fujitsu will take responsibility for laying the infrastructure that will connect up to one million UK properties to the superfast Fibrecity network within the next four years.

Fujitsu's first involvement will come this month when it begins to roll-out the fibre optic network to Dundee's 68,000 homes.

Within two years every home and business across the city will have access to superfast connectivity including broadband capable of speeds of 100Mbps with boosts of up to 1Gbps.

Elfed Thomas, CEO, i3 Group said: "Our Fibrecity network is the UK's largest fibre to the home initiative and we're delighted to have signed Fujitsu to support us with the roll out of our technology.

"Fujitsu brings considerable depth of resources and experience and this is a significant milestone towards our aim of rolling out true fibre to the home to over one million properties within four years."

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe's CEO, Andy Stevenson said: "We are excited to have become a key partner for this revolutionary fibre network. i3 Group has pioneered the use of existing infrastructure including sewers to lower the cost and accelerate the build of fibre networks and we look forward to adding value through our experience of developing advanced next generation networks."

In May, Fibrecity Holdings, which is already enabling homes in Bournemouth to benefit from superfast connectivity services delivered via a unique open access gateway, announced that it also plans to develop networks in Derby, Halton, Nottingham, Plymouth and York.

Further cities under consideration for networks include Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol and Ipswich.

The i3 Group has pioneered the use of new technologies including existing ducts in the water networks to build low cost fibre optic infrastructures that bring super fast connectivity to homes and business. Known as the FS System, this and other innovative methods enable the i3 Group to lay fibre optic cables quicker and more cost-effectively than traditional civil works.

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