Comodo Ranks #1 Provider of High Assurance Certificates

Comodo announces that it has a leading market share of High Assurance SSL certificates, those with business validation, based on its recent survey of 4 million certificates on domains worldwide.

The Netcraft SSL Survey has always been an important resource for market share analysis for the SSL industry. However, since the most recent SSL survey findings are not publicly available, Comodo has built a Web crawler that scans the Internet and is making the SSL market share information publicly available.

"With security concerns on the upswing and vulnerabilities continuing to be exposed daily, it's important to have clear and accurate data about which Certificate Authorities are responsible for providing companies with High Assurance certificates", explained Comodo CEO and Chief Security Architect, Melih Abdulhayoglu.

Comodo's Web crawler scans the Internet for Web servers that have an SSL certificate installed then extracts the publically available data contained within those certificates to ascertain the name of the issuing Certificate Authority (CA). So far, the crawler has analyzed and reported on an immense sample size of more than 4 million SSL certificates. Comodo will update this data and publish it on a monthly basis.

The crawler provides an up-to-date and vendor-neutral reflection of the market share held by each SSL brand. The fully automated nature of the crawler means that the results are not influenced or compromised by any self-reported data provided by the Certificate Authorities themselves - even Comodo.

As the pie chart below shows, of the 83,872,182 total domains scanned, Comodo leads in the High Assurance Certificate SSL market share with a majority 22 percent.

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