Trust Offers Two New Multi-Screen Cleaning Kits

You may not be aware of it, but screens attract dust and dirt and stain very easily so they must be regularly cleaned. Of course, you do not want to clean your valuable screen with a scrubbing sponge and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner. It deserves a softer, more specialized treatment and Trust has developed the Multi-Screen Cleaning Kits specially for this.

The Multi-Screen Cleaning Kit C30 is the perfect cleaning kit for all screens. The cleaning package is suitable for notebooks, desktop PCs, LCD televisions and plasma televisions. It can even be used to clean your telephone display. The set consists of a handy spray bottle with a special cleaning fluid which is safe to use on your screen. With the soft microfibre cloth, which will not scratch the screen, you can easily remove dust, stains and fingerprints with a streakless result. The antistatic brush attracts dust and is for use in those difficult-to-reach places.

The Multi-Screen Cleaning Kit C40 has the same specialized cleaning fluid and the same antistatic brush, but also includes an easy to hold cleaning pad. The triangular shape of this microfibre cleaning pad with holder makes it easy to get into the corners of your screen and gets rid of dust, dirt and stains.

The Multiscreen Cleaning Kits are available now.

Presented by Trust.

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