K7 SecureWeb Bolsters Online Transaction Security

K7 Computing has launched K7 SecureWeb, an Online Transaction Security Solution. K7 SecureWeb provides solid protection against various malicious programs and diverse techniques that steal Identity related Information entered on a Website. It creates a Secure Online Transaction Environment by preventing eavesdropping, tampering attempts to manipulate a transaction (or) performing a completely new transaction without the user's knowledge.

K7 SecureWeb's technology provides confidence to users to perform online banking, credit card usage, shopping and other transaction activities. By allowing only trusted components required for online transactions it banishes Key Loggers, Form Grabbers, Content Injections, Screen Capturing tools and other potential threats. Using K7 SecureWeb, users can transact online even if the PC is infected.

K7 SecureWeb is not dependent on signature updates to defend against existing and future threats. Any attempt to access the transaction environment is blocked by default without any annoying prompts or user intervention.

K7 SecureWeb's includes the following features:
- Identity Theft Protection;
- Anti KeyLogging;
- Password protection;
- Website Identification Band;
- Compatible with any security solution;
- Easy to use secure browser - installs in seconds.

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