Cloud Linux Named "Best Start-Up" in 2010 for the Cloud Computing World Series

Cloud Linux announces it is the recipient of the 2010 Best Start-Up Award by the The Cloud Computing World Forum in the "World Series" Innovation competition. Cloud Linux received the award for its new innovation on how to "crash proof" servers as hosting providers migrate to a cloud based services model.

CloudLinux was launched in early 2010 and is a new commercially supported operating system proven to increase server density, stability and performance, helping customers realize reduced operating costs and increased profitability. Cloud Linux invented the Lightweight Virtual Environment a kernel-level technology that isolates specific hardware resources in a lightweight environment and prevents one tenant on a shared server from affecting others especially due to a sudden peak load from a single tenant. The technology is designed to eliminate the risks of unstable servers that can undermine businesses' operations and profitability.

The Cloud Computing World Forum is sponsoring the Cloud Computing World Series Awards. Winners of the Cloud Computing World Series Awards were announced on June 29th at an award ceremony held at the Olympia Conference Center in London.

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