WEBO Site SpeedUp 1.2 Announced

WEBO Software announces its WEBO Site SpeedUp 1.2, now offers an On-Demand, SaaS Edition to its website performance product. WEBO Site Speedup, available for home, business, and professional hosting environments, reduces traffic by up to 98% while boosting performance of up to 400%.

The WEBO Site SpeedUp, On-Demand SaaS product is available now for a free 14-day trial. Website Administrators can explore all of WEBO's website performance product features, then choose to continue using WEBO Site SpeedUp with its free functionality, or pay just for the site optimization features admins can decide to employ, based o traffic reduction levels and anticipated performance needs.

In addition to its SaaS Edition, WEBO Site Speedup 1.2 (standalone-self-hosted) also offers advanced site management and improved performance features including:
- Website pages load 3 times faster per Google Webmaster panel data;
- Improved Gzip and CDN support;
- Add Extreme Cache Mode to support thousands of users per second;
- Improved HTML Sprite placement;
- Separate cache for Mobile Agents like WPTouch and other mobile themes;
- Improved caching for CSS/HTML Sprites;
- Advanced PHP proxy Library;
- New unobtrusive modules for client side logic (JavaScript);
- Adds Memcached and APC for improved server-side caching;
- Support for a wide variety of social widgets (advert, stat counters, etc.).

WEBO Site SpeedUp 1.2 is available in the SaaS Edition or as a standalone self-hosted plugin for a wide variety of of CMS systems and publishing platforms, including but not limited to Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, Bitrix, CS-Cart, Magento.

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