Typemock Releases Test Lint Pro

Typemock, has announced the official launch of Test Lint Pro. Test Lint Pro is an integrated server solution enabling teams to ensure they are implementing best practices in unit test writing for the entire codebase.

Test Lint Pro is intended to be run as part of an automated build. As part of the build, Test Lint Pro creates a report which identifies where tests can be improved and will let team leaders know if their teams are writing readable, maintainable and trustworthy unit tests. It provides the leader with an efficient tool for being able to evaluate quickly the quality of tests written by the team.

The launch of Test Lint Pro follows the release of Typemock's 'Test Lint' free development tool which works on a single code file at a time and checks to see if unit tests are being written according to best practices. The Typemock user population includes developers from a wide range of sectors such as defence, medicine, and finance who rely on Typemock's products to enable agile development in their ogranizations.

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