Tier 1 North American Communications Service Provider Selects cVidya MoneyMap

cVidya announces that a large tier 1 North American communications service provider has selected cVidya MoneyMap technology to provide an enterprise-wide revenue assurance solution for monitoring services and operations. MoneyMap is part of cVidya's Integrated Revenue Intelligence Solutions (IRIS) Suite.

The project's scope covers the implementation of cVidya's MoneyMap suite including MoneyMap /Usage for mobile services, voice and data and MoneyMap /Configuration for the fixed line services, voice and data, covering large and medium business customers, reconciling order management, switch, and billing systems. The next phases will include MoneyMap /Rating and Billing Verification and will cover additional lines of business. The entire project will enable the operator to prevent revenue leakages and improve their bottom line.

cVidya's MoneyMap solution enables operators to correlate and consolidate information from all network, operations and business systems. Through an on-going process, it automatically detects problem areas which impacts profitability as a result of revenue leakage, data inconsistencies or resources that are not being used efficiently. Once MoneyMap identifies the areas of revenue leakage and resource inefficiency, it provides the user with intuitive tools to promptly correct and manage the problems to achieve profit maximization.

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