Double Hold'em Proves Popular with Online Players

TableBrain Corp., a developer of poker games, has released results showing that its latest offering, Double Hold'em, is a smash hit with the public, boosting player activity and loyalty.

In four months of play on the GameLogic PlayAway platform - used worldwide at major casino Web sites like - Double Hold'em has captured a disproportionately large share of all poker hands played. In addition, the game has increased player engagement among valued casino loyalty program members.

By analyzing the data from millions of Double Hold'em hands played on the GameLogic PlayAway platform, these trends emerged:
- Player loyalty improved, with over 80 percent of players returning to the game.
- Player frequency improved: Double Hold'em was played 150% more often than standard online poker games. Double accounted for 21% of all poker hands played, far eclipsing Omaha and every other poker variant besides Texas Hold'em.
- Play time increased The average player session was 30 minutes, longer than the average time for Hold'em.

Tablebrain's goal in inventing Double Hold'em was to create a fun game that had many more playable hands than Texas Hold'em, where many hands are unplayable. In Texas Hold'em, the action is often limited - two or three players vie for a pot, or everyone folds to one player pre-flop. Double Hold'em creates a lot more action as multiple players compete for every pot.

In the poker world, the biggest challenge facing any new game is building an initial player base and sustaining participation. On PlayAway, Double Hold'em continues to grow and maintain players. GameLogic has been equally enthusiastic about its tremendous success.

Double Hold'em is currently available at numerous casino Web sites and can be previewed at

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