Trust Unveils the Madu Notebook Cooling Stands

The summer is approaching and the temperature is rising. When the summer holidays begin, notebook users will move outdoors into the sun and enjoy the portable quality of their notebook. To allow you to work comfortably and protect your notebook from overheating, Trust has developed the Madu Notebook Cooling Stands.

There are two different models, the Madu Notebook Cooling Stand and the Madu Portable Notebook Cooling Stand. The Madu Notebook Cooling Stand is ideal when working in the garden or on the balcony. This notebook stand, which can be adjusted in height, has an integrated, quiet cooling fan and is suitable for notebooks with a monitor size of up to 16". The cooling fan prevents your notebook from overheating in the sun and your (garden) furniture from being damaged by the heat coming off your laptop. The fan has a USB power supply, so that it does not have to be connected to a plug socket.

The Madu Portable Notebook Cooling Stand is the smaller of the two models and, thanks to the flat, lightweight design, it easily fits in your notebook bag when, for example, you go on holiday. Just like the larger model, this extra small, portable notebook stand (suitable for notebooks with a monitor size up to 17.4") has an integrated fan with a USB power supply. It has a compact telescopic design and a USB cable which can be stored in the stand.

The products will be available soon.

Presented by Trust.

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