Giunti Labs Collaborates with Cegos

In response to employers' growing demand for active talent management within their workforces and the current trend towards the personalisation of learning materials, Giunti Labs and Cegos, to further strengthen their on-going partnership, are collaborating to integrate Cegos' catalogue of learning materials with Giunti Labs' learn eXact LCMS.

The two companies began their collaboration in 2007, when Cegos' selected Giunti Labs and its flagship learning content management suite (LCMS), learn eXact, to transform Cegos' existing offering into a new generation, off-the-shelf and blended learning catalogue - combining classroom training, e-learning and pre- and post-training evaluation in a modular, flexible, personalised solution for end user organisations. In 2009, Cegos and Giunti Labs were awarded the Gold IMS Learning Impact award for building Cegos' Management Skills Catalogue using the learn eXact LCMS.

Cegos' catalogue serves some 200,000 learners worldwide and provides over 200 modules in 14 languages, with options for using these in the context of blended learning.

Cegos runs a comparison analysis - to benchmark blended-learning and classroom-based delivery worldwide on an on-going basis. To date, all results show improved learning retention, performance and quality of achievements within the organisations using the Cegos/ Giunti Labs' system.

Moreover, Cegos' clients report that the module-based format is highly effective in supporting targeted usage. They also claim to have found it excellent in terms of the customer interface.

The Cegos online catalogue which is continually growing to accommodate changes in learning topics - addresses 12 business programs, including: Management and Leadership; Project Management; Finance; Professional Effectiveness and Development; Sales and Marketing; Purchasing, as well as Training Expertise.

Content, as well as style and graphics, has been created for international use and is currently available in 14 languages. Courses are localised following the best international practices, adjusted to suit the local context and culture where the learning program is deployed.

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