CloudLinux 5.5 Released

CloudLinux announces the availability of CloudLinux 5.5. The update will bring it to the current version of RPM-based Linux ensuring its continued interchangeability with Red Hat EL and CentOS. CloudLinux 5.5 is available to subscribing customers via CloudLinux Network and is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 update.

This release delivers on the promise of fast and fully tested updates from a commercially supported distribution. CloudLinux is an RPM-based operating system but is based on its own kernel. What differentiates CloudLinux from other Linux operating systems is that it uses Lightweight Virtual Environment or LVE Technology to increase server stability and density and is optimized for multi-tenant server environments. The CloudLinux update will be released before other similar distributions and will be fully tested with all major control panels on the market including cPanel, Parallels Plesk Panel, InterworX, DirectAdmin and ISPManager.

This rapid release reflects just another way CloudLinux is establishing itself as an innovator in the market, which, like its proprietary kernel-level technology Lightweight Virtual Environment, has received industry-wide recognition. With LVE, administrators now have the tools to control the CPU and IO demands of individual tenants, so that a single site cannot slow or take down a whole server. While similar in approach to container virtualization, LVE is lightweight and transparent. This CloudLinux OS technology offers service providers increased control as never realized before with traditional OS.

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