Sentec and OnStream to Bring Mobius-based Smart Meters to UK

Sentec, the metering technology specialist, has finalised a licensing agreement with OnStream, a National Grid company, to bring Sentec's flagship Mobius technology to the UK smart electricity meter market.

OnStream, which offers a flexible and professional range of meter asset management and installation services to UK energy suppliers, is using Sentec's Mobius current sensor to produce a customised smart electricity meter that is the first to be developed specifically to fit the particular profile of the burgeoning UK market. This partnership has resulted in the first meter to be launched in the UK to take advantage of the outstanding performance measurement functionality offered by the Mobius platform.

The announcement of the deal coincides with a sea change in the traditional supply chain in the metering market, as traditional meter manufacturers face competition from new entrants such as systems integrators, and now, MAPs and MAMs are looking at the opportunities offered by custom meter design and build.

OnStream selected Sentec to assist them in creating the right meter for the market, featuring sophisticated communications interface and metrology based on the Mobius current sensor. The performance of Mobius is well-proven: the technology currently acts as the basis for more than 5 million meters in the US. It provides a highly cost-effective platform simplifying the design process which has allowed this meter to be approved for market in record time.

The meter uses GSM which allows it to use the strongest mobile network available for each site. Furthermore, it has excellent memory capabilities, is both robust and reliable and it is particularly suitable for the rapidly changing UK market because it is can be easily upgraded remotely to meet existing and future standards and requirements around functionality, tariffs and home area networking.

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