Comodo Surpasses Verisign by Securing 15% More Web Sites

Comodo has surpassed the VeriSign brand in the number of SSL Certificates currently in use. Based on independent research conducted by, Comodo has now supplied 15% more valid SSL Certificates to Web sites than VeriSign has. This data is also reinforced by Comodo's extensive research of over 1.5 million valid SSL Certificates.

A tool developed by collected the root certificates from Alexa's Top One Million Web site list. During the process, 350,000 hosts were queried, and over 50,000 SSL entries were. The resulting data demonstrated that, out of those entries, 8,049 SSL certificates were issued by Comodo and 6,944 were issued by VeriSign.

In a recent blog post, VeriSign's Product Marketing Executive, Tim Callan, stated that the research is an "excellent piece of work" which may accurately reflect market share, specifically the million largest Web sites. On April 14, 2010, on his popular SSL Blog, Callan said, "While it happens that the crawl only had a chance to hit about one third of the target sites, I don't see any reason why those results wouldn't be indicative on the entire set."

Comodo's CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu commented on the statistic and said that it was not only an accurate reflection of the top visited sites, but also of the whole market. Abdulhayoglu noted that Comodo's proprietary Web crawler has randomly analyzed a sampling of over 1.5 million valid SSL certificates, and out of the 1.5 million SSL certificates sampled, 210,000 were valid Comodo SSL certificates, while 175,000 were valid VeriSign SSL Certificates. This reinforces the data because there was only about a 1% difference between the two separate results.

"Our innovation, market leadership, a dedicated customer base and thousands of valuable partnerships have all contributed to Comodo's success", said Abdulhayoglu. "We continue to stay ahead of the market with products that build trust online and provide unmatched value for our customers and partners. It's no coincidence that Comodo has been growing consistently since its inception in 2001 and has become the leader over VeriSign."

Comodo is currently a more sought after brand than VeriSign by over 500%. This trend has been increasing since Q4 2006.

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