Lite Speed Technologies Integrates CloudLinux LVE Technology

Lite Speed Technologies has integrated CloudLinux's Lightweight Virtual Environment or LVE technology in its LiteSpeed Web Server product. Lite Speed Technologies chose to integrate LVE technology to take advantage of its ability to control server resources while achieving increased levels of server stability and utilization to give their customers a more powerful way to manage the server environment.

As its flagship product, LiteSpeed Web Server is quickly becoming the industry leader in the web server market for high performance, scalability and security. The release marks the first software vendor to integrate CloudLinux's LVE technology directly within its software, and this milestone has been achieved within just 45 days of the LVE launch to the marketplace. The quick integration demonstrates not only the demand for the technology, but also how easy it is to integrate LVE into existing infrastructures.

Working at the kernel level, LVE technology limits the amount of resources (CPU, I/O, memory) available to a group of processes on a server. LVE provides LiteSpeed Web Server with new capabilities for a stable server environment so that a single site cannot slow or take down a whole server, thereby improving overall server stability. CloudLinux LVE is backed by 24x7 technical support and is compatible with the major control panels for easy management and quick deployment.

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