CommuniGate Systems: Keeping Businesses in Business

CommuniGate Systems proudly acknowledges how its Unified Communications technology is helping assure the continuity of thousands of European businesses in the wake of the Icelandic volcano eruption.

As travel systems grind to a halt across Europe, CommuniGate Systems' products are helping thousands of European businesses remain productive and effective. The company's IP based Unified Communication solutions are assuring business continuity as key staff are finding themselves stranded away from the office or unable to make customer meetings.

"Today, virtually all businesses rely on real-time communication to keep their business moving", says Scott Stonham, Vice President Marketing, CommuniGate Systems. "With the chaos spawned by the ash of Eiyafiatdaiokudl, we are hearing many stories from our customers about employees making sales meetings from train stations, finalizing contracts in airports and even submitting proposals on ferries. We are very proud that our products are helping them through these unexpected difficulties."

CommuniGate Systems provide Unified Communication solutions for the business user that enable mobile messaging, team collaboration, High Definition (HD) Voice VoIP, video telephony and spontaneous conference calls, in even the most remote locations. Built on the CommuniGate Pro technology platform, over 12,000 businesses worldwide are today benefiting from the reassurance that the company's exceptional real-time communication products deliver to both their office based and mobile workforce.

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