PCI Compliance Easier with Comodo HackerGuardian

Comodo has announced the latest version of HackerGuardian, allowing firms to meet PCI vulnerability scanning requirements more easily.

Businesses that receive, transmit, or store credit card data must perform a network vulnerability scan every quarter. Scanning identifies vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to steal confidential customer information. Comodo CA Ltd. is a PCI-approved scanning vendor. With HackerGuardian, the scanning and reporting processes have been improved, allowing businesses to meet the requirements in less time-leaving them more time for their core businesses.

HackerGuardian's enhancements and new features include:
- Overview dashboard - Enables quick access to the most common functions and information needed to manage scans;
- Setup wizard - Engage a setup wizard at any time. The user sets up once and lets HackerGuardian run itself;
- Simplified layout - Consolidated pages enable more function with less complexity;
- Drilldown capability - All tables can be sorted by each field for quick sorting;
- Additional email alert rules - Set alert options per IP/Domain or Device;
- Quick sort tables - Sort by scan type, status, device, or even search by IP/Domain;
- Simplified scan scheduling - Add, edit, and manage scan scheduling quicker and easier;
- Improved device management - Set up or manage devices faster than ever.

HackerGuardian features already include internal network vulnerability scanning in the cloud.

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