TX Text Control Announces Joint Venture with GrapeCity

The Document Automation Alliance is a joint venture between TX Text Control and GrapeCity (FarPoint); two companies that provide market-leading products and innovation in document processing.

TX Text Control is a family of word processing components that offer developers all the features they have come to expect in high-end word processing solutions, in reusable component form. Spread, developed by GrapeCity (FarPoint), is a full-featured Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component that provides developers with hundreds of chart styles, supports import and export of native Excel files and unlimited customization options.

The Document Automation Alliance provides developers a one-stop competence center to gain information on how to effectively automate Microsoft Office documents without attempting to deploy Microsoft Office - a notoriously complicated process.

Together, TX Text Control and GrapeCity (FarPoint) have nearly 40 years of experience in the creation, modification and conversion of documents. As clear market leaders in their fields, they are able to provide top-of-the-line tools and expert knowledge, so that you can focus on your core business, i.e. building high-quality software, while they take care of the underlying technology.

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