Trust Unveils the Indy In-ear Headsets

Everybody wishes they could enjoy their favourite music in private from time to time. In public places, it is often difficult to turn on your MP3 player without other people also being able to hear it. The Indy In-ear Headset ensures that only you enjoy your own music. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated microphone, you can also use it to chat. The headset comes with rubber ear buds in three different sizes, so that they always fit perfectly. The well-fitting ear buds of this small, lightweight headset ensure that no music is lost as a result of external noise interference.

You can use the Indy In-ear Headset with in-line microphone with every chat programme and the 1.5 m long cable ensures optimum freedom of movement. The headset is available in lime green, pink and black, so there is always a style which is ideal for you.

The headsets will be available in the shops soon.

Presented by Trust.

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