Point of View Launches GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480 GPUs

Point of View has announced its launch of the latest generation enthusiast graphics cards: the Point of View GTX 480 1536 MB and Point of View GTX 470 1280 MB. 'Good things come to those who wait' and now the waiting game is over with the launch of the New GeForce 400 series. This New Series does not only benefit by producing a Mass increase in performance due to its new Fermi architecture, but also offers a huge leap forward into total gaming immersion. With a massive upgrade in shader processors, the GeForce 400 series monsters boost not only in raw 3D calculations but also the more detailed physics and (real-time) 'raytracing', which is the mirroring deformation on shiny objects.

The biggest of the two, the GeForce GTX480 is equipped with no less than 480 shader processor cores whilst its smaller brother, the GTX470 works with 448 cores.

The die-size of the GPU has been shrunken down to a microscopic 40nm. This not only allows better cooling possibilities, but also makes the GPU more energy efficient, leaving some room for higher clock speeds, which is definitely the case with the GeForce GTX470 and 480.

The usage of ultrafast DDR5 memory allows clock speeds up well above the 3GHz. Also, with 1280 MB for the GTX 470 and 1536 MB for the GTX480, no game will ever get you down again.

A combined power of DirectX 11, CUDA, and NVIDIA PhysX technologies creates a gaming performance that is future-proof.

Last feature that is new within these Graphics cards is the option to create a jaw-dropping three display stereoscopic 3D setup for the ultimate in immersive gaming. Both cards are equipped with two dual link DVI ports and one mini-HDMI port.

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