LTE Forum 2010 to Take Place in Stockholm

The wireless business is undergoing a major shift from voice-driven to data-driven services. Studies indicate that data revenue has grown by more than 30% per year, whereas voice revenue grew by just 4%.

When mobile phones became popular, the 2G cellular networks they utilized did not provide enough bandwidth to support data-heavy applications. The wireless industry responded with 3G technologies to give greater bandwidth to enable more services, applications and wireless devices. 3G helped drive the adoption of data applications.

Today, to meet the requirements for more bandwidth and richer applications, the mobile industry is responding with an exponentially faster 4G technology, so called Long Term Evolution (LTE) – an output of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

The LTE Forum 2010 will help operators to identify the evolutionary steps to 4G LTE, to understand the drivers for migrating, and to determine what they need to be doing now to ensure their network remains competitive.

Presentations from mobile operators, analysts, regulators and other industry experts will help delegates to understand why, when and how to migrate to 4G LTE, and what they should be doing now to ensure their networks remain competitive into the future.

The LTE Forum is scheduled to take place on 27th – 28th April 2010 in Stockholm.

The special focus of this conference covers critical areas for LTE migration:
- Session 1 "The LTE Business Environment"
Chairman: Frédéric Pujol, Mobile Broadband Practice Manager, Idate
- Session 2 "LTE Deployment, the infrastructure supplier's perspective"
Chairman: Hans Kuropatwa, Partner, Ventura Team
- Session 3 "LTE Business Models"
Chairman: Alan Hadden, President, GSA
- Session 4 "LTE Performance expectations"
Chairman: John McKeague, Sr Technical Consultant, Award Solutions.

The LTE Forum 2010 brings operators, vendors, end-users, regulators, experts, analysts and the media together to discuss, debate, and discover trends and strategies of the Next Generation Mobile technology, the most crucial industry challenges facing LTE.

The Speakers list of the LTE Forum 2010 in Stockholm/Sweden include:
- Randall Schwartz, Wireless 20/20, Founder
- Alan Hadden, GSA, President
- Hans Kuropatwa, Ventura Team, Partner
- Hassan Claussen, Hansecom, Founder & CEO
- Xiaodong Zhu, ZTE, CTO of ZTE Western European Marketing Platform
- Richard Savage, Qualcomm, Director Business Development
- Sami Jokinen, Nokia, Senior Manager in Nokia Devices R&D
- Martin Ljungberg, Ericsson, Product Manager, Mobile Broadband, Business Unit Networks
- Hanna Maurer Sibley, LTE/SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI), Member of Steering Group
- Luc Beylkens, Alcatel-Lucent
- Kevin Holley, 3GPP, 3GPP SA Vice-Chairman
- Mats Lundbaeck, TeliaSonera, Director of Mobile Network Architecture and Strategies
- Meik Kottkamp, Rohde & Schwarz, Technology Manager, Test & Measurement Division
- Rune Harald Rakken, Telenor, Telenor Group Business Development and Reserach
- Dan Warren, GSM Association, Director of Technology
- John McKeague, Award Solutions EMEA, Sr Technical Consultant
- Frederic Pujol, Idate, Head of the radio technology and spectrum practice.

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