Syncro Soft Announces New Release of Syncro SVN Client

Syncro Soft Ltd, the producer of Syncro SVN Client, has announced the immediate availability of version 5.1 of its Subversion (SVN) client.

Version 5.1 of Syncro SVN Client improves working copy load time, automatically refreshes the working copy on external file changes, makes repository browsing more responsive, adds support for repository imports at file level, adds support for replacing resources, improves handling of obstructed resources, improves history support, allows creating branches/tags directly from the repository and offers options to print or save as image a revision graph.

New in version 5.1:
- A working copy is cached, so when it is loaded next time in the Working Copy view, the operation will be much faster than in the previous versions of Syncro SVN Client.
- The working copy is automatically refreshed if changes are detected in the file system. This is done in order to update the state of the resources modified by external applications.
- You can configure the repository connections timeout and stop non-responsive repository browsing operations.
- Added support for importing files into a repository.
- Working copy resources can be replaced with their HEAD or BASE revision.
- Operations correctly take into account obstructed resources.
- The history for a resource deleted from the repository but which is still present in the working copy is now displayed by properly detecting the revision at which the resource was deleted.
- The Branch/Tag action can be performed directly on the repository, without having a working copy previously checked out.
- Generated revision graphs can be printed or saved as images.

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