Trust Introduces New Colourful Mice for Boys and Girls

You are increasingly using a computer, a notebook or a netbook at home or at school to do your homework, but also to keep in contact with your friends via Facebook, MSN or Twitter, and to play the latest games. Instead of a boring grey mouse, you obviously wish to be surrounded by colour when using a computer.

With the Trust Micro Mice, you can let your fantasy run wild. If pink is your colour and you love glamour, then the Micro Mouse Glamour Girl is the perfect mouse for you. It is a mouse that radiates style and is, therefore, ideal to use and fun to show off to your friends.

If you are an adventurous type, then the Micro Mouse Zebra is the mouse for you. Use this mouse with its zebra print and you will experience an adventurous safari when using a computer. This mouse is made for real animal lovers.

The Micro Mouse Pirate is for those who are tough and imaginative. With this mouse, you can surf the Internet and play games like a real pirate.

All three mice are compact and are, therefore, easy to take with you to school. They are also suitable for small hands.

Besides these mice, Trust is also introducing colourful mini mice with a mouse mat, namely the Mini Mouse with Mousepad Hearts and the Mini Mouse with Mousepad Combat. The Combat version is perfect for tough boys who love adventure and the Hearts version is for girls who have a princess' bedroom.

All the mice will be available shortly in the shops.

Presented by Trust.

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