Paltalk Boosts March Madness Excitement

Paltalk, a real-time, video-based community with more than 4 million active members, makes it easier than ever to experience the NCAA March Madness competition online this year by offering several video chat solutions for friends and families around the world. Fans can easily interact during the big game with SuperIM - Paltalk's turnkey IM product that powers free video chat for up to 10 people. Users can also fill out NCAA brackets virtually face-to-face, connecting with buddies on Facebook, AIM, MSN & Yahoo! instantly with Paltalk's newest version, Paltalk 9.9.

Paltalk users can share their SuperIM URLs - customizable Web chat links - and talk about team strategy, big upsets and game predictions anytime. Paltalk users simply send their personalized SuperIM URLs to friends and family so they can chat with video, voice and text from anywhere without the hassle of downloading a separate application or signing into the same social network. SuperIM URLS look like this: To obtain a SuperIM URL, anyone can download and register here.

Unlike other video chat providers that allow just six person video conversations at a time, Paltalk's SuperIM powers free video chats with up to 10 people at once. Regardless of which network, browser or IM service a Paltalk user's friends or family might use, they only need to remember that user's SuperIM URL to connect for a multimedia or multi-person video, audio or text chat, eliminating the need for additional software downloads.

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