CloudBerry Lab Releases CloudBerry Explorer v1.9

CloudBerry Lab has released CloudBerry Explorer v1.9, an application that allows users to manage files in Amazon S3 buckets just as they would on their local computers. CloudBerry Explorer allows end users to accomplish simple tasks without special technical knowledge, automate time-consuming tasks to improve productivity. The new version of CloudBerry Explorer helps you compare the contents of local folders with Amazon S3 buckets using a comprehensive set of options. In addition, the sync folders feature allows you to make a complete mirror of local folders and Amazon S3 buckets by adding an ability to remove objects from S3 if they were deleted locally.

Another new feature of CloudBerry Explorer allows you to take advantage of Canned Access Control policies that provides you for a way to minimize Amazon S3 requests. When doing a PUT request users can specify a canned ACL, which grants certain access right.

CloudBerry Explorer is designed to work on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft PowerShell command line interface allows advanced computer users integrate Amazon S3 storage access with other routines.

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