Webtrends Announces Facebook Measurement Capabilities

Webtrends has announced new Facebook measurement capabilities within Webtrends Analytics, which provides marketers the most comprehensive tracking and measurement for the activities that happen inside Facebook.

The Need to Measure

Facebook's popularity is well documented; with 400 million users spending an average of almost an hour per day on the site, marketers are clamouring to invest in advertisements, Facebook pages, custom applications, contests and more. According to, this month Facebook overtook Google as the most visited site on the Internet.

"Many businesses have launched Facebook campaigns, without necessarily having the ability to measure their investments and compare them apples to apples with other digital channels", said Nick Sharp, vice president and general manager, Webtrends EMEA and Australasia. "Now marketers have the opportunity to take a more comprehensive approach to measuring Facebook, beyond just applications, and can understand the broader picture of how their Facebook investment is performing."

Webtrends can now show you how your tabs, apps, and share features are working.

A few examples are:
Twitter activity driving to Facebook Fan pages
Facebook Fan page activity overlaid with corporate blog posts
Conversion performance if they happen in Facebook
Custom applications, Facebook page tabs, and Facebook ad click performance.

Webtrends believes Facebook is one of the key social channels for brands to invest in and these capabilities will help them validate those investments.

Webtrends Analytics for Facebook

Webtrends' new Facebook measurement capabilities utilise Webtrends Analytics 9, which combines a powerful real-time analytics engine with its best-in-class user interface. For the first time, marketers can view their Facebook measurement alongside other digital marketing investments such as websites, microsites, blogs, mobile apps, and more. Additionally, using Analytics 9's RSS overlay capabilities, marketers can easily see the impact of promotional efforts. Tracking custom tabs, applications, and sharing provides the most complete measurement of Facebook available in the market.

How Webtrends Analytics Collects Data on Custom Tabs

Custom tabs and applications have critical differences for data collection, due to Facebook's Terms of Service and its commitment to user privacy.
Brands can't use traditional analytics methods for tracking custom tabs because Facebook does not allow Javascript, and they aggressively cache images.
To overcome these limitations, Webtrends developed a new method that uses their data collection API to bring Facebook data into Webtrends Analytics.

In addition to tracking tab views, Webtrends can also measure:
Tab views segmented by fans and non-fans
Clicks on buttons and links, such as the Share button and its options.

How Webtrends Analytics Collects Data on Facebook Applications
Applications allow more tracking options both because they allow Javascript and because the Facebook's Terms of Service allows for collection of user level data.
Webtrends utilises their Data Collection API to bring Facebook data into Webtrends Analytics.
Webtrends can measure any type of application built on the Facebook platform.

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