Twenga Wins Red Herring 100 Global Award

Twenga has received the Red Herring 100 Global Award, awarded to the top 100 private technology companies worldwide.

In three years, Twenga has established itself in 14 countries, most recently the USA, Brazil, Australia and India. Twenga's websites now display more than 180 million products from over 75,000 retailers and receive more than 25 million visits a month. Twenga's key advantage remains its totally objective and neutral product results, ideal for shoppers, who are always looking for impartial price comparisons.

Twenga is able to display almost 10 times more product offers than other price comparison sites thanks to its proprietary technology automatically indexing retailer sites, and thus guaranteeing that users really find the best deal.

In awarding this prize, the Red Herring media group carefully considered 1,200 private companies, chosen from among the finalists and winners of the regional awards Red Herring 100 Asia, Europe and North America from the last three years. Criteria included financial performance, management quality, delivery on strategy and involvement in research and development. For this global prize, the judges paid particular attention to strategies and the ability to establish an international presence.

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