Compass Group Deploys Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance

Netezza says that Compass Group UK & Ireland has successfully deployed the Netezza data warehouse appliance as a critical part of a strategic project to renew its entire business intelligence infrastructure.

"We are confident that we have chosen the right data warehouse appliance to give us that all important competitive advantage with our data", said Simon Marsh, IT Director at Compass Group UK & Ireland. "When we asked vendors to undertake a Proof of Concept, Netezza clearly outperformed the rest and showed impressive speed improvements over the existing SQL Server environment of over 20 times. The ease of use and the performance of the Netezza Performance Server is unquestionable."

The business reason to review the business intelligence (BI) infrastructure resulted from the growing demand on the company to provide robust, reliable and relevant management information (MIS) and BI as the organisation expanded. As the volume of data to be processed continued to increase, the existing systems required replacement. Consequently, Compass Group UK & Ireland embarked on a project to find the most efficient and effective technologies to meet the expected future requirements.

The installation and implementation process of incorporating Netezza was straight forward and rapid, producing detailed query results within days. In order to ensure the new MIS and BI objectives set by Compass Group UK & Ireland a full extract, transform and load (ETL) rewrite and restructure was also deployed. This opened up avenues for Compass to also take advantage of ETL being processed directly onto the Netezza appliance providing even faster data transformation with zero impact to the network.

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