Securex Chooses Ivory Service Architect

GT Software announces that Securex has chosen Ivory Service Architect to web-enable many essential standalone desktop applications, and to convert its batch CRM application to a Web services paradigm.

Ivory is GT Software's integrated toolset that enables corporations to rapidly assemble Web services from legacy assets, as well as enabling mainframe applications to easily consume externally defined Web services. The Ivory suite consists of Ivory Studio, the graphical modeling environment; Ivory Server, a SOAP processor with runtime service orchestration; and Ivory Server for Batch, which enables batch systems to leverage CICS, IMS, and Web services.

Securex is a Belgian business-to-business service delivering payroll processing, HR services/software and other social management services, including health, accident and retirement insurance. The company has 1,300 employees in more than two dozen offices.

Securex used Ivory to replace its aging VSAM-based customer relationship managements system with a CRM system from SAP. Now deployed and fully implemented, the switchover from batch to CICS both makes centralized information more widely available and enables the applications to run as Web services. Ivory was provided by and deployed with implementation assistance of Systemation, the authorized partner of GT Software in the Benelux countries.

In addition to converting to the new CRM system, Ivory also provides Securex with single sign-on for mainframe applications, simplifying the process of authenticating users for essential PC-based services such as email, FAX, and the company's Electronic Document Management (EDM) system.

Using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), single sign-on allows enterprises to enforce access policies while freeing users from memorizing long lists of authentication passwords or re-using passwords across systems, which poses a security risk. Among other applications, Ivory also enables enterprise-wide synchronization of the EDM system that has allowed Securex to reduce paper costs, simplify communications, and eliminate the need to use FTP or MQ Series messaging to coordinate workflow.

As part of its ongoing processes to improve customer service and its own business processes, Securex wanted to make its applications more interactive, meaning an update from VSAM/batch to CICS and Web services. After a month-long test, Securex confirmed Ivory as the best solution for exposing existing Web services, extend current applications beyond their former batch limitations, and ensure the company's reputation for service reliability.

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