3CXPhone 4 Delivers Free Softphone in Smartphone Look

3CX has announced a new version of its free VoIP softphone for Windows, 3CXPhone 4.0. 3CXPhone 4.0 sports an all new interface that should be familiar to millions of users the world over. Similar in look and feel to popular smart-phones, users will be able to make and receive calls without requiring any training.

3CXPhone is provided completely free of charge to individuals and organizations including commercial entities. All features (including call transfer) are enabled. This makes it easy for companies to deploy it on any Windows desktop without having to worry about cost or licensing hassles.

3CXPhone can easily be configured as a remote extension, allowing users away from the office to easily connect to the corporate phone system. The unique tunnel feature proxies all SIP & RTP traffic over a single port and makes firewall and NAT configuration a breeze. It is also possible to configure it as a remote extension using 'direct SIP'.

3CXPhone 4 is available in several languages. Besides English, it is also available in German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and very soon in French.

3CX Phone key features:
- Choose from several popular phone interfaces
- Supports multiple SIP profiles
- Shows personal call log/history
- Supports G.711, GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs
- STUN support for NAT/firewall traversal
- Installation provided as MSI for easy deployment
- Works with 3CX Phone System, Asterisk and popular VoIP providers
- Supports Plantronics headsets.

3CXPhone 4 can be downloaded directly from here.

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