3M Ergonomic Mouse - Helping to Reduce RSI

Clinically proven to reduce muscle strain, the 3M Ergonomic Wireless Optical Mouse can help reduce the discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury. Working with computers, particularly for long periods without breaks, is a prime cause of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). A poorly set up workstation or the use of inferior equipment can result in strain on muscles throughout the body. Aches, numbness and tingling in muscles, while working at a computer, could be a sign of RSI. If allowed to become chronic, RSI can cause permanent disability. However, RSI is 100 per cent preventable.

The 3M Ergonomic Mouse looks just like a joystick. The vertical ergonomic grip, which is unique to the 3M design, encourages the wrist to remain locked, reducing the pressure on the delicate median nerve.

It is held like an old fashioned gaming control but is moved just like a conventional mouse, tracking movement optically. Directed in this fashion means the arm rather than the wrist is used, which helps to prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also enhances comfort by keeping arms and shoulders in a more relaxed, neutral position.

Left click, right click and the scroll button are all included. Positioned on top of the stick, next to the finger rest, they fall naturally to hand after a short while of using.

Technical Details:
3M Ergonomic Wireless Optical Mouse is compatible for use with PCs, Laptops and Apple Macs: Microsoft - Windows XP, Vista and later / Apple - MAC OS 10 X v10.4.X, v10.5.X and later
Optical mouse with USB/PS2 compatible plug and play
USB wireless compatible
For right hand use; available in small/ medium for palms measuring 8.8cm wide or less. Also available in large for a palm width of 8.9cm or more
Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 15 x 17.3cm ; 341g (small)
Product Dimensions: 15.9 x 15.9 x 19cm ; 885g (large)
Includes 2 AAA batteries.

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