NCCW Signs Strategic Contract with Cordys

ICT services provider NCCW has signed an strategic contract with Cordys. Under the terms of the contract Cordys and NCCW are jointly building a cloud computing platform with which housing corporations can streamline and improve their business processes.

The Cordys Business Operations Platform offers a combination of BPMS (Business Process Management Software) and Cloud technology allowing organizations to respond faster to changes in the market or in legislation. The application of BPMS combined with cloud based computing ensures greater flexibility and lower costs.

The relationship between Cordys and NCCW has developed as a direct result of market requirements as housing corporations are increasingly expected to work within a highly regulated, process-driven, management framework.

Business Process Modeling lies at the core of a new property platform, centered on the housing corporations business processes and not the applications they run on. For each process, the platform itself is searched for relevant and pertinent information. In so doing it creates a single platform in which all processes can be completed from several diverse systems, all within a single user interface.

The platform's open characteristics offer the possibility to integrate the rapidly growing number of web services offered via the cloud. The existing BIS NOA and FIRST NO primary systems will also be made available in the real estate platform. The first clients are expected to start working with the first components of the new estate platform in 2010.

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