SpamTitan Outperforms Competitors in Virus Bulletin Test

SpamTitan Technologies has outperformed the leading industry brands in the latest Virus Bulletin Spam awards. In comparative tests featuring 15 of its nearest rivals, SpamTitan combined the highest spam catch rate with a very low false positive ratio. This result earned SpamTitan the much coveted Virus Bulletin Award along with strong independent endorsement for its spam filtering solution.

Virus Bulletin regularly conducts rigorous testing of anti-virus and anti-malware products to ensure the worldwide IT security industry stays equipped to protect users from the latest Internet threats. SpamTitan, which runs as a virtual machine under VMware, was taking part in the Virus Bulletin test for only the second time. In November 2009 SpamTitan picked up an award for the highest spam catch rate at the first attempt. In January's test SpamTitan again outperformed some of the industry's best known brands including McAfee, MailMarshal, BitDefender, Fortinet and Symantec.

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