Free Comodo System-Cleaner Organizes Registries

If a PC's memory were a vast blackboard on which millions of people had scribbled, Comodo System-Cleaner would be the tool that helps the PC owner erase the outdated information on the board and ensure privacy.

The information on the blackboard falls into two forms. The first is unnecessary and outdated instructions for jobs that have already been accomplished. Those instructions can be erased.

The second kind is confidential information. Comodo System-Cleaner 2.2 can help with both kinds of information.

Unnecessary and outdated instructions

PC users install software to help them accomplish tasks. That software is stored in a file called the computer's registry. Once the PC users have finished their tasks, or if the developer issues a new version, the user may need to delete the old version to free up memory.

Developers write their software to be easy to install, but not it is necessarily so easy to remove. Software may leave bits and pieces of itself behind, using up memory and slowing down other software.

Comodo System-Cleaner offers a powerful and easy-to-use registry cleaner that helps the user remove no-longer-needed software from the registry. A disk cleaner feature accomplishes the same thing for other areas of the PC's memory.

Confidential information

To skillful PC users, even confidential information on a PC is not much harder to read than on a blackboard. PC users who do anything they would not want to display on a wall-banking online, cheating on significant others, sharing a secret recipe, or buying a surprise present should be interested in Comodo System-Cleaner's privacy features.

These include Privacy Cleaner and Wiper. Privacy Cleaner deletes every trace of a user's activity such as sites visited, and documents opened.

Wiper picks up where the Windows Operating System leaves off. When PC users think they have deleted a file, the file is not gone. The area of the disk is merely marked so that it can be overwritten. Before it is overwritten, though, the information is as available as ever. Comodo Wiper finishes the job by actually erasing the marked portion of the disk.

Besides the registry cleaner and privacy tools, Comodo System-Cleaner 2.2 offers system settings and information, allowing users to manage and configure the software installed on their computers.

To download Comodo System-Cleaner, or for more information, visit this page.

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