Mistral Joins ARM Solution Center for Android

Mistral Solutions has joined the ARM Solution Center for Android (SCA). The SCA is a collaborative resource for designers and developers of ARM technology-based products running on Android, the open source platform from the Open Handset Alliance.

Paving the way for Mistral's entry into the elite alliance is the extensive expertise Mistral has, in providing services on Android that have been optimized for ARM architecture. As a member of the alliance, Mistral will offer customized, solutions on the Android platform: including development tools, reference designs, embedded application porting, integration and development.

As the market for smartphones, other connected mobile and home devices grows, so too do consumers' expectations for these devices. The ARM SCA provides designers and developers of Android-based devices, the assurance that the components used to develop these next-generation consumer electronic devices are up to the task.

Mistral's offerings on the Android Platform include:
- Android support and porting on the OMAP3 EVM
- Integration of Android framework to an existing BSP
- Providing support for peripherals which are not natively supported in Android
- Development of backend applications over Android framework
- Porting of Android framework to other processor families.

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