Epicor Announces Epicor XL Connect

Epicor Software Corporation has announced the release of Epicor XL Connect, the company's latest business reporting and analytics solution that provides real-time, secured access to essential business data from Microsoft Office Excel. Epicor XL Connect is a simple tool that makes it easy for end-users to create and refresh business reports and analyses in Excel to get the answers they need without the usual challenges of gathering and formatting source data.

Epicor XL Connect allows users to interact with live data via a spreadsheet. Featuring a live link to business data, a user's view is always current and always accurate. Excel users will really benefit from Epicor XL Connect's built-in functions and drag-and-drop analysis sets that already understand the underlying data. Immediate integration to business data allows users to create reports faster and easier, plus multi-dimensional drill-down functions help them explore the detailed data with just a few clicks without leaving Excel. With Epicor XL Connect, users can even leverage existing spreadsheets, but without the hassle of copy-and-paste or SQL queries.

Epicor XL Connect is an affordable solution that requires minimal training if users are already familiar with Excel. Epicor customers can install, train, and begin building reports in a few hours. Since Epicor XL Connect can leverage existing spreadsheets and complements other reporting tools, there is no cost or need to buy new hardware.

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