Tiger Woods Fiasco Reveals Phone Security Threats

The constant flow of leaked text messages and voicemails in the Tiger Woods fiasco demonstrate a lacklustre approach to phone security, encryption specialist GSMK CryptoPhone has warned. The news comes as several media outlets obtained details of private conversations and messages, which could have been protected through encryption. This sort of exposure is not new and celebrities need to protect their electronic trail if it could expose anything that could damage their reputation or career.

"The growing threats of information leaks, hacking and bugging have been overlooked for far too long and a tough approach needs to be taken to prevent private correspondence falling into the wrong hands", commented Dr. Bjoern Rupp, CEO, GSMK CryptoPhone.

"Preventing intrusion into private correspondence needs to be a major priority for individuals and businesses in 2010. With the right voice encryption and SMS technologies in place, communications can continue in a secure environment free from the threat of outsider eavesdropping", he added.

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