HELIOS Software Releases HELIOS ScriptAssistant

HELIOS Software has announced the availability of HELIOS ScriptAssistant, a free utility that simplifies the creation of hot folder scripts for HELIOS Script Server and Tool Server the automation system for its server software suite including HELIOS UB+ versions of EtherShare, PCShare, WebShare, ImageServer, PDF HandShake, and PrintPreview.

The main advantages of the HELIOS Script Server ScriptAssistant are:
- Set-up of workflow automation within minutes
- No special scripting knowledge required
- Simply select the desired options
- Created scripts can be enhanced with standard scripting tools
- Ready-made hot folder support for image conversion, PDF printing, PDF-native OPI and remote Tool Server
- Available for Mac and Windows operating systems
- Additional hot folder scripts available for download free of charge
- Free white paper "Integrating and Automating HELIOS Applications" explains features and benefits of various use cases.

The new HELIOS ScriptAssistant application is now available for Mac and Windows free of charge. It can be downloaded at this page using the credentials (User: tools, Password: tools, Sharepoint: HELIOS Tools). ScriptAssistant requires the latest version of HELIOS ImageServer UB+ with all updates installed.

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