BlockMaster Launches SafeStick 4.0

BlockMaster has launched SafeStick and SafeConsole 4.0, designed to provide organisations with the ability to push out portable software (including virtualisation), backup data and to effectively stop the flood of data breaches.

The solution has been designed to provide more adequate access control over USB flash drives, which are one of the main causes of data breaches, according to the European Networking and Information Security Agency's 2009 report. The new products incorporate several features to boost mobile productivity, whilst ensuring company information is completely secure.

Now SafeConsole server administrators also fully manage these additional new features for the organisation's SafeStick devices:
- Publisher - enables users to run a virtual laptop from any computer using a SafeStick secure USB device. The feature securely lets administrators deploy any software or content even when drives are in the field - a cost-efficient way to deploy solutions to mobile workers.
- Authorized Autorun and FileBlocker activate anti malware, which protects drives and networks from day zero malware threats such as those that abuse the Autorun feature in Microsoft Windows when USB drives are inserted.
- Backup - restores files if accidentally deleted, lost or misplaced by enabling drives to be re-created, which ensures minimal disruption to employee productivity.
- LockOut - prevents unapproved USB devices accessing the corporate network and provides the quickest solution on the market for port control of flash drives.

SafeConsole now comes in three licensing options which organisations can upgrade to without any downtime depending on their need:
- SafeConsole Intro enforces the organisation's password policy;
- SafeConsole Enforce includes the full range of policy enforcing features;
- SafeConsole Enforce & Enable multiplies the benefits of SafeStick and SafeConsole and enables all productivity boosting features;

SafeConsole Intro edition is included in every purchase of over 100 drives to enable organisations to ensure all devices are protected by company set policies. This is the only deal in the market that provides a management console bundled with USB drives to give complete control over portable information.

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