Video Cautions against Infection

Shoppers planning to avoid the H1N1 virus by staying out of the shops and trading online might be exchanging one kind of infection for another, warns a video produced by Comodo.

Malls are full of dirty door knobs and coughing strangers, but the Internet has its own dangers clever programmers intent on separating visitors from their money.

Websites infected with malware may damage computer performance. Malware can also steal confidential information such as bank account numbers and passwords and reporting them back to their devious creators.

Other online threats include spurious emails designed to trick the unwary out of their money.

The video, "Dangers on the Web" points out that online threats have cost US consumers $8,500,000,000 in the last two years enough to make annual mortgage payments for nearly 500,000 families.

As online shoppers prepare for a holiday season with an extra Cyber Monday, Comodo warns them to prepare for this new kind of infection.

The video may be seen here.

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