software Launches New Application for iPhone 3GS

When the city is your office and the options are endless, finding the perfect café or coffee shop to serve as your mobile workspace can be overwhelming, especially if you're in a hurry., in association with Plantronics, has launched a new application for the iPhone 3GS that guides mobile workers to the nearest and best places to connect to the Internet, all by simply holding up their phone. There's no 'clicking through' required; WorkSnug uses Augmented Reality so that users can see Wi-Fi hotspots and potential workspaces in their vicinity right on their screen alongside their real-life surroundings. Finding the perfect mobile office, that also happens to come with the best cappuccino in the city, has never been easier.

With WorkSnug, users simply hold up and point their iPhone, and the potential connection spots float alongside the real-life, real-time image of the users' environment. To help users find the best workspace for their needs, the WorkSnug team has discovered and reviewed hundreds of places to work – from family-run cafés to formal co-working spaces – and offers personal observations, including a guide to power provision, atmosphere, noise levels and even the quality of the coffee. In addition, WorkSnug users can suggest new places, review their favourite workspaces and will soon be able to connect with other local users and create ad-hoc co-working communities. Best of all, the application and all of these services are completely free of charge.

Currently launching for the London metro area, WorkSnug will soon also be available for the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Berlin and Madrid. The website, which is scheduled to become active in early 2010, will mirror the functionality of the iPhone app while providing a complete platform for mobile work community building.

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