Jenson Button Joins McLaren SmoothWall and F1 in Schools Ltd Power the Search for a Future F1 Champion

Internet security specialist SmoothWall congratulates World Champion Jenson Button on his move to McLaren and announces that it is supporting F1 in Schools in its search for a future F1 champion. The manufacturer of CAD/CAM machines and technology will use SmoothWall's firewall and web-filtering security solutions to secure the e-mail communication and web traffic, protecting the company's UK workforce.

Leveraging SmoothWall's Advanced Firewall and SmoothGuardian products, staff at F1 in Schools are now free to concentrate on the engineering based competition rather than worrying about internet and email security. The F1 in Schools project encourages children aged 9-19 from 32 countries to consider engineering as a career through a competition to see who can build the best miniature F1 car. Denford Ltd a founding partner and sponsor of F1 in Schools provide students with access to the latest CAD/CAM software enabling them to design, analyse, manufacture, and then race their scale model F1 cars (which are made from balsa wood and powered by compressed gas canisters) along a 20-metre track.

F1 in Schools is active in over 32 countries so it essential that the company has secure communication channels and the latest firewall protection. The deployment of the Advanced Firewall and SmoothGuardian provides F1 in Schools with a power security solution which offers time-based web filtering, monitoring and reporting with comprehensive firewall protection.

As well as protecting both staff and children involved in the project from malicious internet based attacks, the agreement will allow staff at F1 in Schools to ensure productivity levels remain high by intelligently blocking undesirable or unapproved web sites.

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