Fujitsu Launches Cloud Based Infrastructure Service for UK and Ireland Enterprises

Fujitsu is launching the first cloud based infrastructure service designed for organisations in the UK and Ireland. No longer will customers need to purchase servers, software, data centre space or network equipment individually, rather they can now buy those resources as a service charged on a pay per use basis. The new service, called 'Infrastructure as a Service' (IaaS), is immediately available and completes the four layers of Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio.

Fujitsu IaaS has been designed for medium and large enterprises who want to rapidly drive out costs from the IT infrastructure. This is achieved by reducing the need for capital expenditure and reducing operational costs by up to 40%. This is done without compromising either the resilience of the IT system or the security of their organisation.

IaaS will include the following elements:
- Resilient up to 99.99%
- Secure infrastructure in UK data centres
- Scalable enterprise class IT - up and down

IaaS is a pay as you use service. With this service customers have unrivalled options that combine Fujitsu's Eternus storage and Primergy server technologies, together with products from Cisco, EMC and VMware. This new service in combination with Fujitsu's consultancy advice and implementation skills will enable organisations to quickly emerge from the recession.

IT decision makers are aware of the potential benefits afforded by a cloud approach, including cost reduction and greater business and IT flexibility, however security and resilience in particular continue to cause wide-spread concern. In fact research conducted by Fujitsu in September showed senior IT decision makers are looking for specific requirements to be met before they will entrust their business systems on a cloud service. In particular they wanted an industrial strength solution from market leaders who are able to provide the security, reliability and performance they demand. Critically the "as a service" solution needs to be able to run corporate systems as well as use technology from IT suppliers that business enterprises already trust and most often choose.

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