United Planet Launches 'Intrexx Invoice Audit'

United Planet has announced the launch of 'Intrexx Invoice Audit', the first out-of-the-box automated invoice checking and processing application for Enterprise Portals. Designed to reduce processing errors associated with traditional labour intensive paper-based procedures, the new application will help companies to significantly increase the speed with which invoices can be processed.

'Intrexx Invoice Audit' automatically notifies staff designated as invoice auditors by email when new invoices are received and allows them to set an individual verification procedure for each invoice, based on the amount of the invoice or the department it applies to, for example. Auditors are able to approve the invoice with one click before it is automatically forwarded to the next auditor or, if the end of the procedure has been reached, to the accounts department for payment. All invoices are assigned a transaction number and archived revision-safe on the portal. Invoice auditors are provided with an overview of all invoices that are still to be verified, with details displayed on the home page of their individual Intrexx Enterprise Portal.

The creation of discount periods and due dates ensures that default interest is avoided and that discounts can be used effectively. The management team and Head of Accounts can identify how many invoices are in circulation and where they are in the auditing process, at any time. This makes the whole procedure significantly more transparent.

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