Paradial Announces the Availability of RealTunnel 4.0

Paradial has announced the new release of RealTunnel 4.0 including significant new features for hosted and customer premise SIP and H.323 solutions.

With RealTunnel organizations overcome the inherent conflict between security and accessibility that often results in voice and audio traffic unintentionally being blocked by firewalls, NATs and web proxies. Utilizing RealTunnel UC (Unified Communications), videoconferencing and VoIP solutions can be deployed and accessed by end users anytime from anywhere without modifying firewalls or changing existing infrastructures.

RealTunnel 4.0 is a NAT and firewall traversal solution that includes implementations of the latest ICE, STUN, and TURN drafts, in addition to H.460.18/19 and HTTPS tunneling.

RealTunnel now works with PBXs, SIP registrars and H.323 Gatekeepers that are not publicly available, but located on the inside of a corporate LAN. Cost saving SIP trunking and other types of hosted SIP and H.323 services are supported. The new release includes TLS support, which further strengthens RealTunnel's capabilities in strict enterprise security environments. SIP UPDATE is also added in the new release.

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